GET api/countries Authentication required

Use this method to get all the countries you can query using the api. For each one you will know which database types can be queried


No URI or Body Parameter required


Returns all the Infobel countries available

Output : array of objects (See Model)

Ouput Sample

  • application/json, text/json :
  • [ { "isoCode": "FR", "name": "France", "defaultLanguage": "FR" }, { "isoCode": "FR", "name": "France", "defaultLanguage": "FR" } ]
  • application/xml, text/xml :
  • <ArrayOfCountry xmlns:i=""> <Country> <DefaultLanguage>FR</DefaultLanguage> <IsoCode>FR</IsoCode> <Name>France</Name> </Country> <Country> <DefaultLanguage>FR</DefaultLanguage> <IsoCode>FR</IsoCode> <Name>France</Name> </Country> </ArrayOfCountry>