POST api/locations/search/{filter}?take={take} Authentication required

Use this method to search for any type of location for multiple (or all) countries, using a term-based filter. This will return any type of location matching the input filter in the specified countries


URI Parameters

NameDescriptionTypeAdditional information

Term used to search locations in the specified countries (min. 3 chars long)




[Optional] By default the search will return the first 100 locations of each type


Default value is 100

Body Parameters

[Optional] Countries represented by their ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 Codes (2 chars long), if no country is provided, the search will be run on all countries available

Input : array of String

Input Sample

  • application/json, text/json :
  • [ "sample string 1", "sample string 2" ]
  • application/xml, text/xml :
  • <ArrayOfstring xmlns:i="" xmlns=""> <string>sample string 1</string> <string>sample string 2</string> </ArrayOfstring>


    Returns any type of location matching the specified filter for the specified countries

    Output : object (See Model)

    Ouput Sample

  • application/json, text/json :
  • { "cities": [ { "countryCode": "BE", "code": "21004", "name": "Brussels", "type": "City", "level": 0 } ], "provinces": [ { "countryCode": "BE", "code": "99999990001", "name": "Brussels", "type": "Province", "level": 0 } ], "regions": [ { "countryCode": "BE", "code": "04000", "name": "Brussels", "type": "Region", "level": 0 } ] }
  • application/xml, text/xml :
  • <LocationSearchResult xmlns:i=""> <Cities> <Location> <Code>21004</Code> <CountryCode>BE</CountryCode> <Level>0</Level> <Name>Brussels</Name> <ParentCode i:nil="true" /> <Type>City</Type> </Location> </Cities> <PostCodes i:nil="true" /> <Provinces> <Location> <Code>99999990001</Code> <CountryCode>BE</CountryCode> <Level>0</Level> <Name>Brussels</Name> <ParentCode i:nil="true" /> <Type>Province</Type> </Location> </Provinces> <Regions> <Location> <Code>04000</Code> <CountryCode>BE</CountryCode> <Level>0</Level> <Name>Brussels</Name> <ParentCode i:nil="true" /> <Type>Region</Type> </Location> </Regions> </LocationSearchResult>