GET api/utils/nationalidentificationtypecodes Authentication required

Use this method to fetch all the NationalIdentificationTypeCodes available. This will return the codes and their label


No URI or Body Parameter required


Returns all the ImportExportAgentCodes

Output : array of objects (See Model)

Ouput Sample

  • application/json, text/json :
  • [ { "code": 1, "label": "sample string 2", "hasVAT": true }, { "code": 1, "label": "sample string 2", "hasVAT": true } ]
  • application/xml, text/xml :
  • <ArrayOfNationalIdentificationTypeCode xmlns:i="" xmlns=""> <NationalIdentificationTypeCode> <Code>1</Code> <HasVAT>true</HasVAT> <Label>sample string 2</Label> </NationalIdentificationTypeCode> <NationalIdentificationTypeCode> <Code>1</Code> <HasVAT>true</HasVAT> <Label>sample string 2</Label> </NationalIdentificationTypeCode> </ArrayOfNationalIdentificationTypeCode>